Files needed to natively compile PARI 2.3.0 with Dev-C++ and using it from Maple or Excel (50 kB) are the files mp.c and pariinl.h to replace the distributed ones.

Please note: as licence the GNU GPL applies of course. You find Pari's homepage at

DLL version to be called from Maple:

readme_pari_maple.txt (10 kB)
    A docu how to proceed. (1042 kB)
    The complete project including all needed files. (845 kB)
    The compiled DLL file(compiled with MinGW). (1443 kB)
    The compiled DLL file (faster, compiled with gcc).

Examples (Maple worksheet showing use of the stuff and printed in pdf format to look at it without Maple): (8 kB)
1_using_Pari_from_Maple_for_numerics.mws.pdf (34 kB) (7 kB)
2_numerical_integration_using_Pari.mws.pdf (30 kB) (15 kB)
3_numerical_linear_algebra_using_Pari.mws.pdf (59 kB)

DLL version to be called from Excel:

readme_pari_excel.txt (4 kB)
    A short docu. (1443 kB)
    The compiled DLL file (compiled with gcc). (21 kB)
    Worksheet with VBA examples for some basic operations, a bit of matrix numerics and
    converting floating point numbers to rational numbers (for exact numerics).
    Additionally a recursion is shown, which behaves really bad, if floatings are used and
    how it works with rationals.

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